The Walter James Exit Story

About Walter James

Walter James is a global executive search and human capital advisory firm working across a wide variety of sectors and geographies.

Set up by James Absalom with the support of Recruitment Entrepreneur, Walter James' team consists of several ex-industry partners, experienced associates, and a dedicated in-house research team.

Collectively they share a vision to promote and deliver diverse, innovative and high-performing talent to their clients, and they take pride and enjoyment from working with a wide range of inspiring and thought-provoking people from all walks of life. They look to challenge and make a positive impact in every action they undertake and are consistently pushing for excellence in what they do. 

Business Founder, James is a commercial executive search leader with a focus on global strategic growth, and the value and performance of the Group. He personally manages mandates from VP level through to board across US, EMEA & APAC.

James has spent his entire career within global executive search and has developed an extensive network of talent within the life sciences, retail & consumer sectors worldwide. His network has specific experience of working within highly complex global organisations in senior leadership positions where change and transformation are required.

His functional areas of expertise include general management, commercial, finance, and supply chain.


A successful Strategy for Every Stage of the Recruitment Journey

Recruitment Entrepreneur played a crucial role in supporting Walter James, providing a comprehensive suite of services that aligned to each stage of the business's development.

Beyond the initial financial backing, Recruitment Entrepreneur provided management insights, strategic planning, operational infrastructure and support, marketing assistance, HR, and legal advice. As Walter James prepared to scale, they had ongoing detailed guidance on how to manage growth and build value within the business.

This hands-on approach ensured Walter James had access to all the right tools and guidance to not only thrive and expand but also to be supported with guidance that laid the foundations for a structured approach to a profitable and strategic exit.

Acquired by global talent advisory firm - ZRG Partners

The sale of Walter James to global executive search firm, ZRG Partners, was completed in December 2021. 

They were seeking an established executive search and interim brand in the UK. 

In acquiring Walter James, ZRG also inherited Euromedica. Euromedica was a global life sciences business with a 30-year history, so was able to expand ZRG’s already substantial practice in this industry.

Recruitment Entrepreneur provided expert guidance on the strategic positioning and financial preparation to ensure Walter James was an attractive acquisition. By managing the intricacies of the negotiation process, and leveraging the Recruitment Entrepreneur's team's industry experience and network, they successfully facilitated discussions and secured favourable terms.

This support not only streamlined the transaction but also maximised the sale value for Walter James, resulting in a well-managed and positive transition into the ZRG portfolio.

Founder Exit Interviews

Founder Testimonials

I’m delighted for Recruitment Entrepreneur, and ourselves, after an amazing collaboration over the years that we have managed to achieve such a great success story.

"When you're looking at your business strategy for growth, and the option of external investment presents itself, taking the next step and parting ways with a percentage of your company isn’t an easy decision.

After my first meeting with Recruitment Entrepreneur, partnering with them was a natural decision to ensure the evolution and growth I wanted for Walter James. This has led to where we are today, and a well-planned exit event."

James Absalom, Founder of Walter James

Founder Testimonials


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