Securing a Recruitment Business Exit

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Guiding a business from growth to scale and exit requires the right team, strategy, and expert resources. At Recruitment Entrepreneur, we've achieved this numerous times before and know how to guide you to grow and realise the value of your firm with a successful exit event. 

Growing a recruitment business is not just about billing. It’s about talent attraction, development, retention, scale, finance, marketing, legal, and more. Leveraging our considerable expertise and know-how for these elements allows you to focus on what you’re good at billing and building a high-performing team, to ultimately achieve your business vision. 


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Your Strategic Partner From Growth to Exit

At Recruitment Entrepreneur, we're your strategic partners in the journey from business growth to a successful exit.

Our expertise stretches beyond developing and scaling your business to create value; we specialise in managing your exit event.

From initial planning to the final handshake, we're able to evaluate your business's worth, enhance its value for sale, and ensure it's primed for scalability and sustainability.

We provide insights into various exit strategies, their respective benefits, and considerations, and we help you navigate the path to finding the right buyer.

Our team develops comprehensive exit plans, addresses potential challenges, and guides you through the intricacies of negotiation, due diligence, and deal closure.

Partnering with Recruitment Entrepreneur not only helps launch and scale your business but also achieves a successful and strategic wealth-creating exit event.

Ben Searls, Founder of Ignata Finance - Exit Event

In March 2024, UK-based Executive Search & Finance recruitment and interim business Ignata Finance was acquired ZRG Partners LLC. Launched in 2017 by co-founders Ben and Vicki Searls alongside Steve Revill, Ignata Finance was driven by excellence and innovation. In March 2024, the founders celebrated a pivotal achievement when it was acquired by a prestigious global executive firm ZRG Partners, underscoring its remarkable growth and influence in the financial recruitment landscape.

James Absalom, Founder of Walter James - Exit Event

Founded in 2015 by James Absalom in collaboration with Recruitment Entrepreneur, Walter James quickly became a formidable force in the recruitment industry. With foundational support, the company experienced exponential growth, excelling in matching top-tier talent with leading-edge companies. In December 2021, Walter James's impressive trajectory culminated in its acquisition by a prestigious global executive firm, marking a significant milestone in its journey of success.

What our partners say..

Since the investment, my company has grown from a two-man business to a team of 18, spanning multiple sectors within the property sector.

Grant Kaveney - CEO of GKR London

What our partners say..

What our partners say..

I was able to leverage the extensive M&A experience on hand to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction of our Euromedica acquisition.

James Absalom - CEO of Walter James

What our partners say..

What our partners say..

The expert guidance from RE surpasses any financial investment. We're constantly being supported which is driving our business forward.

Michael Beeken - CEO of Beeken Reeves

What our partners say..

What our partners say..

James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur have shown belief in us from day one, which has really helped drive us forward - to the extent that we have now recruited in over 50 cities globally.

Matt Harrison - Co-Founder of Hanami International

What our partners say..

What our partners say..

As a CEO, I feel I have the ability to make the decision and shape a business in my own vision whilst benefiting from the advice and guidance of the highly experienced financial and strategic advisory teams.

Elaine Tyler - CEO of Venatrix

What our partners say..

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