Talent Horizons and Recruitment Entrepreneur forge a dynamic partnership in technology recruitment

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The Future of Tech Recruitment is bright: Announcing Talent Horizons and RE Spain's Strategic Partnership.

Talent Horizons, a game-changing business in global technology recruitment, announces its strategic collaboration with Recruitment Entrepreneur, a globally recognised leader in recruitment industry investment, signalling a major addition to the industry.

Founded by experienced technology recruitment expert, Sarah Connolly, Talent Horizons is poised to redefine the landscape of technology recruitment by connecting exceptional talent in the fields of cybersecurity, AI, data science, and machine learning with leading companies around the globe.

"At Talent Horizons, we combine state-of-the-art recruitment technologies with a genuine human touch," explains Sarah Connolly, Founder and CEO. "Our approach goes beyond just filling positions; it's about understanding people, their dreams, and matching them with innovative companies. This fusion of technology and personal insight not only propels real progress but also adds substantial value to the hiring process."

Sarah’s career spans global technology agencies and in-house roles at start-ups and major corporations. Her journey has instilled a profound understanding of the intricacies of technology recruitment, fuelling her vision for Talent Horizons. The company's mission extends beyond recruitment to empower underrepresented groups in the technology space and also inspire women to excel in both their careers and personal lives.

The journey toward partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE), global leader in recruitment industry investments, began with a connection to Pablo Sanchez, Country Manager for RE Spain. Sarah Connolly states, "Partnering with RE was an extraordinary opportunity, thanks to their reputation as the leading recruitment investment firm focused on startups, coupled with their global reach and profound recruitment expertise." She adds, "What sets this partnership apart is also having beonit, one of the leading talent solutions providers in Western Europe, as our local ally in Spain, alongside Recruitment Entrepreneur, providing robust support that perfectly aligns with our vision and growth plans for the business."

James Caan CBE, Founder and Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Talent Horizons brings a fresh perspective to technology recruitment, and their unwavering commitment to innovation and diversity aligns seamlessly with our mission at RE. We strongly believe this partnership will reshape the industry and unlock new opportunities for both talent and businesses."

Operating from its headquarters in Barcelona, Talent Horizons leverages the city's vibrant technology scene and cultural diversity to connect talent and opportunities across borders. Sarah Connolly notes, "Barcelona's dynamic environment perfectly mirrors our approach—diverse, dynamic, and committed to excellence."

As Talent Horizons embarks on this exciting journey, the future holds much promise. With a focus on innovation, diversity, and a commitment to excellence, Talent Horizons is poised to redefine technology recruitment. Expect ground-breaking solutions, unparalleled service, and an unwavering commitment to positive transformation in the technology recruitment space.

This partnership between Talent Horizons and Recruitment Entrepreneur is not just strategic; it's a source of inspiration and a mutual commitment to achieving ambitious goals and aspirations. The journey has just begun, and the possibilities are boundless.

About Talent Horizons

Talent Horizons is a forward-thinking recruitment firm specializing in the technology industry. Headquartered in Barcelona, the company serves clients and candidates globally, with a particular focus on the fields of cybersecurity, AI, data science, and machine learning. Committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and innovation, Talent Horizons acts as the bridge connecting brilliant minds with ground-breaking opportunities.
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About Recruitment Entrepreneur

Recruitment Entrepreneur stands as a global leader in recruitment industry investments, dedicated to empowering recruitment entrepreneurs worldwide to build successful ventures. With a strategic partnership approach, RE seeks to revolutionize the recruitment landscape and foster innovation within the industry.

About beonit

beonit is one of Western Europe’s leading providers of talent solutions. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, beonit align their services and people with their clients' needs, following the “drop of water” concept, to create excellent tailored services that exceed expectations. beonit have evolved the traditional concept of BPO, understanding that the differential value is not in the processes, but in the talent that executes these processes, thus creating a NEW MODEL, the BTO® (Business Talent Outsourcing), which puts the person at the centre of value creation.
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