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Recruitment Entrepreneur USA announces strategic partnership with ProCura

Global recruitment investment company, Recruitment Entrepreneur – through its US business – is excited to announce a strategic investment partnership with ProCura, a dynamic and rapidly growing start-up based in Palm Beach, Florida, focused on servicing the USA’s complex healthcare market.

With the adept guidance of founder Alanna Sherman, ProCura is dedicated to reshaping healthcare recruitment for Executive Leadership, Advanced Practice, and Allied Health roles. Supported by the knowledge and resources of Recruitment Entrepreneur, ProCura is equipped to make profound inroads in healthcare staffing.

Alanna Sherman, the Founder and CEO of ProCura, remarks,

"Aligning with the prestigious Recruitment Entrepreneur USA not only amplifies our capability but also aligns with our core ethos of excellence and integrity in healthcare staffing. Our focus is on fostering sustainable relationships and being at the forefront of staffing solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of the healthcare sector.”

James Caan CBE, Founder and Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, has voiced his support for this new chapter:

"The launch of ProCura under the stewardship of Alanna signifies a milestone in healthcare recruitment. Her insight and leadership embody the essence of what we foster at Recruitment Entrepreneur: innovation, excellence, and integrity. We are confident that ProCura will set a new precedent in the industry."

This sentiment was reinforced by Manish Senta, Managing Director of the TekWissen Group, RE’s local partner in the USA, saying, “TekWissen’s role in this partnership is to back ProCura with comprehensive support and a wealth of industry experience, ensuring that the healthcare sector benefits from the finest recruitment services."

Alanna Sherman’s vision for ProCura is informed by an acute understanding of the industry’s needs. She articulates,

"At ProCura, we understand the pivotal role that top-tier healthcare professionals play in society. Our objective is not only to fill vacancies but to enhance the quality of care through strategic staffing solutions. We aim to be the conduit for exceptional talent to meet the evolving challenges of healthcare."

The partnership between Recruitment Entrepreneur and ProCura is expected to play a pivotal role in reshaping the American healthcare recruitment landscape, offering clients and candidates unparalleled opportunities for growth and success.

About ProCura
A strategic partner of Recruitment Entrepreneur USA, ProCura Staffing LLC specializes in the recruitment of premier healthcare professionals. With a focus on Executive Leadership, Advanced Practice, and Allied Health, ProCura champions a tailored and conscientious approach to healthcare staffing. Through this partnership, ProCura is positioned as a front-runner in providing unparalleled staffing solutions, driven by a dedication to excellence and an unwavering commitment to the healthcare community.

Alanna Sherman
Phone: 561-252-5763
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About Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE)
Founded by James Caan CBE, Recruitment Entrepreneur is a leading player in the global recruitment industry. It provides recruitment entrepreneurs with the necessary resources, support, and expertise to create successful businesses. With an impressive track record of fostering startups in the recruitment sector, RE is fully committed to promoting innovation and excellence within the industry.

About TekWissen
TekWissen Group is a world-leading specialist in professional recruitment and consultancy services. Their footprint is global, spanning 7 countries (USA, Canada, Australia, India, Philippines, UK and Netherlands), and they can work in close partnership with organizations to manage everything from global accounts with demanding resourcing strategies to single sites with lower recruitment volumes.
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