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Learn about Recruitment Entrepreneur's REflex Partnership

Thinking of starting a lifestyle recruitment business? We provide the place to begin. This is often the biggest hurdle to new founders getting underway.

Where do they start? What process do they follow from making the decision to opening the doors?

REflex has a tried and tested business establishment and implementation plan that ensures all boxes are ticked in respect of what’s needed to get the business started. We provide access to immediate and ongoing quality support which allows the Founders to focus on clients, candidates, and billing from day 1. 

There’s no single “right” founder for REflex meaning there’s no single set process we use to identify them. There is a mix of qualities that, in the round, make individuals right for themselves and us. We’re looking for people who love recruitment, have talent & ambition, and a strong sense of what will differentiate them in a crowded marketplace. Most of all they have a strong desire to succeed in what they do and a determination to build something meaningful for themselves.

Jenny Scrivener set up her recruitment business, Bohemian HR at the beginning of 2021 just after Recruitment Entrepreneur launched their REflex model. In her own words:

“I wanted to set up on my own for a long time but there was always an element of not being brave enough or it not being the right time, RE gave me the confidence and support to do this”.

Jenny and her business have been thriving ever since she launched and she recently won the Best REflex Company at our latest Recruitment Entrepreneur Excellence awards.

REflex looks for founders either pre-start-up or when they are underway but are not seeking a JV partner. Reflex is an incubator for recruitment business start-ups and aims to provide a support structure that allows growth to the extent that the fonder is seeking. Some of our CEOs want to build a successful lifestyle business, others aspire to grow and scale beyond this, perhaps to move into a full JV with the accompanying investment and participation that we can provide.

If you believe that you have the necessary passion and are committed to the hard work that’s required in the competitive recruitment market, then make sure that you have a real and well-defined value proposition for your customer. When they ask, “why should I use your services?” have a definite, clear, and persuasive answer. Knowing your true USP and differentiating yourself has never been more vital to success. 

If you want to have a conversation on the process and support we offer our REflex partners, you can get in touch with us here for more details.