David Parker, founder of digital recruitment firm, Pickhurst Partners joins forces with Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE) backed by James Caan, CBE.

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David Parker, founder of digital recruitment firm, Pickhurst Partners joins forces with Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE) backed by James Caan, CBE.

Pickhurst Partners are digital recruitment experts who specialise in mid-senior level appointments across Software Engineering, DevOps, SRE, Cloud Computing, Data, AI & Machine learning.

David Parker, Founder of Pickhurst Partners began working as a tech recruiter in 2007, where he spent the first 3 years focused on the financial services market across Europe. He moved to Singapore in 2011, joining Aston Carter (an operating brand of the Allegis Group) as a Senior Consultant focused on financial services technology recruitment, partnering with some of the world's largest Banks and Financial Institutions.

After spending 10 years with Allegis in Singapore, David relocated back to London with the business in 2020. After re-establishing himself in London, David successfully launched Pickhurst Partners in March 2022 and has been busy growing the company from strength to strength ever since.

David has worked hard to build Pickhurst Partners into a brand that is synonymous with providing businesses in the tech industry with exceptional talent solutions. With his team of experienced recruiters and their commitment to quality, Pickhurst Partners are poised to become a leading global player in the tech recruitment industry.

David adds: Technology is always evolving, it’s fast-paced and there’s an endless supply of things to learn. The digital revolution is shaping modern society and witnessing its transformative effects on people’s everyday lives is very exciting.

London and the UK is an absolute hotbed for technology talent. We benefit from having some of the best universities in the world for STEM courses, which attracts top international talent and the leading tech firms, banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and fintech’s.”


He adds: “While I was in Singapore, we regularly used to target London based candidates and try to convince them to relocate to the warmer climates of Asia Pacific… now they’re all looking to move back to the UK!  


The talent pool is diverse, extremely capable and very international which provides us with great exposure to people from different cultures and backgrounds and plenty of learning opportunities!”


With the constant evolution of the tech industry, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to succeed. David does this by providing a high-touch, relationship-driven approach with a focus on providing a high-quality service to his clients.


David’s 15 years of experience within the financial services and technology markets across Europe, APAC & North America combined with his extensive global network, equips him well for building and developing Pickhurst Partners into a leading international business.


The key factors behind David’s decision to partner with RE were; the expertise in scaling companies, the operational support provided and the collective capability of the group with regards to developing new business.

RE will also provide high-quality support and mentoring to ensure that David can focus on developing the business and building relationships with both current and future clients.

David adds:  “I enjoyed the learning involved in launching a business, but the operational activities involved were starting to become very time-consuming, which was taking me away from the sales-related work that I love”.

“We’ve made a good start but entering into a Joint Venture with RE represented an opportunity to learn how to build and scale, an institutional grade business, properly, from inception. 

This learning for me was invaluable and a key contributing factor behind my decision to enter into a JV with RE.” 

Greg Hollis CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur says, “We look forward to welcoming Pickhurst Partners to the RE portfolio. I believe with David’s extensive network and international presence within the tech market, coupled with our back-office support and mentoring, he will become a real leader in their space in a short period of time. I look forward to working with David to take Pickhurst Partners from strength to strength.”