Mentoring & Strategy

Mentoring & strategy for recruitment business owners

Mentoring is a critical part of the development of an entrepreneur. Our REflex partners benefit from advice from our senior management team and other CEOs across the portfolio who have experience in successfully building their own businesses.

Developing a robust strategy is fundamental to businesses' sustained growth. Our investment team works with all REflex partners to ensure they are focusing their core activity on the right areas to deliver growth targets. The senior management team helps review plans and provides strategic guidance formally on a monthly basis, as well as always being there for ad hoc advice.


Turnarounds & performance management

The journey to success does not always run smoothly, markets can be unpredictable, and new hires don’t always work out as planned. This is why Recruitment Entrepreneur have an experienced senior management team in place to provide support and get things back on track. The autonomy offered to our REflex partners means in most instances we would not need to get involved in the day to day management and strategy, as we set up and structure all partners for ongoing growth and stability. However, in certain situations when a business experiences dramatic changes in their market or a sharp decline in performance, we assist with recovery, and guide them through to a successful turnaround.

Our recruitment expertise and depth of knowledge across numerous specialist markets, means there isn’t much we haven’t seen or done before. As a priority in a recovery situation, we provide clarity and implement the necessary changes to deliver rapid and tangible results. As a board we work closely with our REflex partners to: understand their specific situation, stabilise their performance, investigate turnaround options, and prepare and effectively execute an agreed plan that is reviewed weekly.

The Recruitment Entrepreneur senior management team provide a tailored solution for every eventuality, drawing on the insights of a wider group network, as well as from the Founder and Chairman, James Caan CBE.