Top tips on how to remain competitive in the recruitment industry

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Top tips on how to remain competitive in the recruitment industry

1. Know and own your USP.

Take a step back, examine the marketplace and try to understand where in the industry you add value, focus on your niche and then become the market leader by providing the best-in-class service. It’s essential that you understand what sets you apart from the rest of your competition. Look at what your competitors don’t do and then try to fill in that part of the market. 

2. Use your brand.

You need to make sure you have created a brand with an authentic tone of voice so that the message is clear to your clients and candidates. Make sure the brand voice is consistent at every touch point by aligning all your messaging from video content, blog, thought leadership, paid advertising, strong organic social media content, and keep your website up to date.

Ensure you embrace the latest technology as this can better the communication channels and improve user experience.

3. Let your clients & candidates be your biggest marketers.

It’s easy for you to shout about how good you are at your job and how great your business is but for people to really believe you, hearing from your client and candidates itself is key. If you’d had success with a client or candidate, ask if they are willing to provide a testimonial or share their story so you can shout about this on your LinkedIn network, website and Google Reviews to bump up that SEO too.

Having a real tangible example to show off will help you stand out as a recruiter who delivers.

4. Sell differently.

Rather than focusing purely on BD efforts, why not try something different and offer a service that is tailored to the needs of your clients and prospects. Make sure to concentrate on the latest techniques and trends that are being used in the industry to stand out and recertify them to suit your goals. 

Work around your clients, be flexible and accommodate their needs – don’t just stay in your lane like many other competitors.

5. Look after your team.

You must make sure you look after your team. Finding top talent it hard in this current market - this may not look like the most obvious tactic on how to be better than the competition however keeping your team happy will result in higher productivity levels.

You need to listen to your team and help find them happiness, satisfaction and a clear structured career path. This will lead to dedication from employees and this is where you can beat your competition as these employees will grow your business for you. As you grow, your employees play an even more important factor in driving the success of your company.

6. Continue to innovate.

In such a competitive industry you do not want to be left behind, this is why you need to constantly innovate to keep up. Not only will your team stay focused on the goal in hand, but it will also keep your clients interested.

Look to your competitors or companies who have been playing in the field for a long time and ask yourself how to have they managed to keep up with the times? What have they implemented to allow them to continue to innovate and change while retaining and attracting their client base?

These questions will help you see the logic of innovation even when it seems unreachable.