Strength in numbers - capitilising on collaboration

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Strength in numbers - capitilising on collaboration

Strength in numbers can be beneficial for collaboration because it allows companies to combine resources, knowledge, and expertise. Working in a group rather than individually means there is more room for sharing innovative ideas, solutions, and skills which increases efficiency and promotes group delegation of workload. There is no monopoly on wisdom, as they say.

At Recruitment Entrepreneur, the value we offer to portfolio partners goes far beyond our funding or even our individual expertise – it’s being part of something bigger. The advantages of this are wide-reaching, from reduced costs for shared services or access to the best technology to being surrounded by a community of like-minded, industry-leading entrepreneurs to learn from. This is why we proactively encourage knowledge sharing through quarterly Forums and L&D courses – led and run by our industry-leading experts.

Perhaps more important though is the collaboration opportunity across the portfolio. Joining our portfolio means joining a wider group made of 50+ recruitment businesses in a wide range of niche sectors. As a group, we’ve built a major international presence, with over 60% of our partner's businesses operating internationally and within a significant client base. Capitalising on this group dynamic, client reach and case studies can have a huge impact on your business development and the talent solutions you can offer clients from day one. You remain a niche specialist, yet with the extensive networks and resources of a much bigger generalist firm to draw upon. 

Within the group, we also have extensive MSP/RPO and bid management capability. We work with our partners to create predictable performance, hire more effectively, and increase wallet share across our collective client networks. This tailored service increases wallet share, enabling higher collaborative working by sharing clients and encouraging organic business development for our partners. We also have a dedicated team of talent acquisition partners who work with our partners to help them source the best talent for their businesses, understand the demands of the market, and streamline the hiring process ensuring the best talent are working for the best businesses.

The need for collaboration, in a world of fierce competition within the recruitment sector, is needed more now than ever and through it, we have seen, first-hand, how our partners have benefited from this collective and collaborative mentality.