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Recruitment Entrepreneur and Fast Forward announce a strategic partnership to revolutionize New Zealand’s Tech Recruitment market.

Auckland, New Zealand: Fast Forward, a pioneering force in digital and future technology recruitment, is thrilled to announce a strategic investment partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE), a global leader in the recruitment industry. This collaboration is set to redefine tech recruitment in New Zealand, leveraging RE’s vast resources and expertise.

Under the visionary leadership of founder Lynn O'Callaghan, Fast Forward is dedicated to transforming the recruitment landscape by sourcing the top 2% of domestic and international tech talent. With RE’s support, Fast Forward is poised to drive innovation and excellence in the sector.

Lynn, Founder and CEO of Fast Forward NZ, shared her excitement about the partnership: "Partnering with Recruitment Entrepreneur aligns perfectly with our mission to elevate tech recruitment in New Zealand. Their global expertise and commitment to excellence empower us to provide unparalleled service to our clients. We are not just filling vacancies but enabling our clients to achieve outstanding commercial success through strategic talent acquisition."

James Caan CBE, Founder and Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture:
"The launch of Fast Forward under Lynn’s leadership marks a significant milestone in our mission to foster innovation in recruitment. Lynn’s profound industry knowledge and dedication to excellence embody the core values of Recruitment Entrepreneur. We are confident that Fast Forward will set new standards in the tech recruitment industry."

This partnership is further supported by Tribe Recruitment, RE’s local partner in New Zealand, ensuring comprehensive backing and industry insight. The collaboration promises to enhance the quality of recruitment services, benefiting both clients and candidates in New Zealand’s dynamic tech sector.

Lynn brings over sixteen years of extensive experience in the recruitment industry, having launched her journey with the establishment of Role Recruit in 2017. As a seasoned professional committed to enhancing client talent acquisition, Lynn has held various roles, contributing her expertise to esteemed companies like Chase Portland and Salt. Her vision for Fast Forward is shaped by years of experience and a profound understanding of the sector’s needs.

"In New Zealand, innovation is in the air. Our clients are driven by a desire to put New Zealand on the global tech map, and we are here to support them with the best talent available. Our relationship-based approach and unwavering loyalty to solving our clients’ problems make us stand out in the industry," Lynn added.

The partnership between Fast Forward NZ and Recruitment Entrepreneur is expected to play a pivotal role in reshaping New Zealand’s tech recruitment landscape, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and success.

About Fast Forward NZ
Fast Forward NZ specializes in the recruitment of top-tier tech professionals, focusing on digital and future technology sectors. Committed to excellence and innovation, Fast Forward NZ is dedicated to solving clients’ problems through strategic talent acquisition.

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About Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE)
Founded by James Caan CBE, Recruitment Entrepreneur is a leading global recruitment investment company. RE provides recruitment entrepreneurs with the necessary resources, support, and expertise to build successful businesses. With a track record of fostering startups in the recruitment sector, RE is committed to promoting innovation and excellence within the industry.

About Tribe Recruitment
Tribe Recruitment is a leading New Zealand-based recruitment agency offering specialized recruitment services across multiple sectors. They provide temp, contract, and permanent recruitment solutions nationwide. Tribe operates through several dedicated divisions, including TribeTech for tech roles, Tribe Recruit for various business functions, and Tribe Leadership for executive and board appointments. Additionally, they have a focus on Te ao Māori specializations, supporting both private and public sector roles. Tribe Recruitment is known for its comprehensive, client-focused approach, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse recruitment needs.

For more information, visit Tribe Recruitment.