Recruitment Entrepreneur Launches Recruitment Entrepreneur USA, Creating Premier Investment Firm for US Recruitment Market

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Recruitment Entrepreneur Launches Recruitment Entrepreneur USA, Creating Premier Investment Firm for US Recruitment Market

Recruitment Entrepreneur is a Private Equity firm with 30+ recruitment companies in its portfolio, covering numerous recruitment sectors, at various stages of growth. Founded by James Caan CBE, their offering provides talented individuals with funding, best in class operational infrastructure, coaching and management advice to ensure the implementation of best practice processes to run their business efficiently, and successfully. Their success lies in their ability to help grow, scale, and materially increase profit, not only with knowledge, but with hands on know-how to ensure portfolio partners are capable of achieving a high equity value on exit.

The premier investor in recruitment start-up and scale ups, Recruitment Entrepreneur is already one of the largest and fastest growing recruitment businesses globally with operations in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, Asia and now the USA, with more to come. With over 1000 clients and making nearly 4,000 placements annually across 60 countries. Recruitment Entrepreneur offers a unique opportunity for US joint ventures partners to operate /globally. This support network also offers a unique opportunity for the US recruitment market.

Recruitment Entrepreneur USA will provide a unique proposition to US recruitment firms to foster a community of businesses that benefit from the expertise of our dedicated team who provide; funding, financial expertise, operational strategy, back-office support, marketing, talent attraction solutions, diversification, and revenue growth, all of which will enable portfolio partners to thrive. This model and investment with front and back-office support allows founders to focus on their role as a recruiter, successfully billing and building their team.

James Caan CBE, Chairman, founded Recruitment Entrepreneur in 2014, former Dragons' Den star and serial entrepreneur plays a pivotal role in shaping each business within the portfolio. James has been in recruitment for over 30 years and invests in recruitment companies of all sizes across various geographies and sectors. Alexander Mann, his first recruitment business, sold in 2013 for $260 million. His second recruitment venture, with Doug Bugie who is Recruitment Entrepreneur USA Country Director, was Humana International which grew to 140 offices across thirty countries before being sold to the parent of MRI, then traded on the NYSE. James’ investment and leadership for the portfolio of joint ventures has yielded an average of 168% annual growth.

James Caan CBE, Chairman, says:

“The small to mid-sized recruitment market has not benefitted from the type of platform and offering we are able to provide here at Recruitment Entrepreneur. We take immense pride in what we do to help our founder-partners achieve more than they ever imagined. Only 1% or less of recruitment businesses exit successfully. A fantastic example of Recruitment Entrepreneur’s value and impact was the recent exit of Walter James successfully with ZRG, one of the fastest executive search firms in America. This success is something we are set up to replicate for our American recruitment start up and scaling founding partners to grow their business with us.”

Abid Hamid, Recruitment Entrepreneur USA CEO, entered recruitment 25 years ago with James Caan. He has worked in over thirty-five countries in various CEO roles, including SThree and H. Neumann. Abid has been an investor and has successfully exited multiple recruitment companies. He founded ARBP, which trained recruiters and managers in twenty-two countries, and has a wealth of experience building and managing teams. Abid oversees all group activity at the board level and works closely with each of the portfolio partners to aid them in achieving their long-term growth plans.

Abid Hamid, CEO, says:

“The US market is ripe with talented recruiting firm leaders who have passion, integrity, knowledge, and incredible talent. There has been a huge oversight from the investment community, in general in the area, until now. We are working with the most diverse and experienced group of experts in our industry and have a well-established track record of helping entrepreneurs turn their dreams into a reality. We know how to deploy capital, launch a business, or scale an investable business and help them achieve high value exits. The opportunity to fill a market void while doing challenging work with likeminded people with the same values and goals is what makes Recruitment Entrepreneur USA so incredibly exciting. We are already on our journey to make an impact, one firm at a time.”

Doug Bugie, Recruitment Entrepreneur Country Director, has brought over 700 founders into the recruitment industry globally who have generated over 120,000 placements in over 40 countries, contributing $1.3billion in the USA alone.  Doug co-founded and partnered with James Caan CBE to build Humana International. From a single London-based office Humana grew to 140 offices in 30 countries, generating $80mm annually.

Doug then led a successful turnaround at Norman Broadbent Intl., adding divisions in energy, public sector, diversity, RPO, an onboarding and retention consultancy, and led acquisitions in the UK and China. As President of Antal International Network, he led expansion from 20 offices to 125 offices, emphasizing expansion in India. Doug started his global career at NYSE traded Eaton Corporation and served as Director of International Development at NASDAQ traded Park Ohio Holdings.

Doug Bugie, Country Director, says:

“Recruitment Entrepreneur is an opportunity to make wonderful use of my 36 years in recruitment. The bottom line is identifying and collaborating with proven leaders to start-up or scale-up. With Recruitment Entrepreneur, the addition of having a proven path to build towards a high value exit makes this an extremely valuable offering for leaders with the vision, ability, and ambition to go well beyond their dreams.”

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