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I’d rather sell a pen sometimes…

You know where you stand with a pen.

A pen can’t change its mind about going to that amazing shop you’ve just set them up with.

A pen can’t be offered money to stay in the warehouse, or be persuaded to go to a different stationary supplier.

Unfortunately, we work with people, and they can and do all of the above things, at any time during the recruitment process. We have all experienced the pure joy and elation of hearing a candidate say the two words we work hard to hear: “I accept!”. Elated, we think it’s in the bag, sit back in our chair and have a mini celebration. Then disaster strikes later the line and it all goes wrong; the role gets pulled, or they decide they are giving up teaching and moving to Outer Mongolia.

Fortunately, Clarus Education have fantastic candidates who are co-operative, faithful and grateful for the hard work, time and sheer determination we’ve invested into finding them the perfect role.

So, the key question is…

When will cloning outstanding candidates become available to recruiters?

We might be waiting a while, so in the meantime it’s all about producing the very best talent we can, through clever and interesting advertising, and moving as quickly as possible when someone amazing drops into our inbox.

Our next port of call once we have them in front of us, is to do everything in our power to avoid the recruitment disaster mentioned above. – mainly, to know our candidate. What are their reasons for coming to you in the first place? What salary will they need to accept the role? Have they ever had dreams of moving to Mongolia?

Human beings will always surprise us, but hopefully we will be less surprised and well prepared if we have asked the right questions from the outset and we know exactly who they are and what they want.

Written by Natalie Harrison, Clarus Education.