James Caan partners with RoboTech Recruitment to help scale a well-established brand in the gaming sector.

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James Caan partners with RoboTech Recruitment to help scale a well-established brand in the gaming sector.

Tara Coote, founder of RoboTech Recruitment, joins Recruitment Entrepreneur’s portfolio to further develop and scale her business. Before Tara entered the world of recruitment she worked in marketing, copywriting, social media management, and software development. She learned to set up applications and manage software development builds including how to code, construct websites and build apps in her own time which is where she developed a real passion for the sector.

Tara’s knowledge and expertise in understanding code and how software developers work sets her apart from her competitors. This is because she understands what is required for the job role to successfully place candidates and fulfill client requirements. To continue to grow, Tara has engrained the need to understand the sector inside and out which is why she has implemented learning how to actively code as part of her team’s ongoing training.

A strong USP of RoboTech is how they can supply highly relevant candidates to clients as well as being able to speak on a technical level and being able to recognise the relevant candidates’ skillsets quicker than other agencies. This, in turn, reduces the time taken to fulfill roles and increases efficiency.

Though Tara works with candidates globally, this is something she believes Recruitment Entrepreneur’s network and tools will help her in building an even more successful business. Tara adds “I want RoboTech to not only be a leader across the game and VR development but also to supply senior low-level programmers to companies globally”. Her aim is to be able to fill the specialist roles and become a trusted partner internationally and help fill the more niche programming roles that other agencies can’t.

On why Tara partnered with Recruitment Entrepreneur “I chose to partner with RE for their ongoing support and mentoring. As I had been running the company solo for 5 years it was a very big deal to partner with anyone. RE appreciated this and never pushed me during the process, the support was already there in the lead-up to signing which made me recognise I was making the best choice for my company and me. A huge benefit of partnering with RE is having constant access to some of the best recruiting minds in the world”.

Abid Hamid, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur says “Tara business and sector is incredible exciting and extremely interesting. When you look at the tech world today in terms of gaming, VR and even how gamification in being developed into some many day to day applications it was a natural step to partner with Tara and RoboTech. It’s another exciting company, in a new sector for us, that has joined the RE portfolio. We look forward to taking RoboTech to the next level with Tara and learning more about this exciting and unique sector”.

About RoboTech Recruitment

RoboTech recruitment is a specialist agency that helps innovative, ground-breaking technology companies produce the best products and work, by placing the top senior programmers in the market globally!

Owned, and ran by technical minds, recruiters who have coded, and developed software, games, and apps offer a unique technical approach to recruitment, resulting in a higher technical understanding of the role, and quicker more efficient service.

RoboTech offers a specialist-focused service, as we have been filling the harder-to-place senior-level roles for 5 years now. We have a large network and database of relevant candidates who trust us to provide relevant roles to them and look after them in an updated industry-relevant way.  We are 100% focused on the senior low-level programming roles within gaming, VR, AI, ML, and new technology roles related, we are thorough, quick, and efficient and we deliver on what we say.

If you are a developer looking for your next role, or you are looking for your next programmer to join your team, get in touch with tara@robotech-recruitment.com for more information.

About Recruitment Entrepreneur

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