Recruitment Entrepreneur add to growing REflex group with architecture & design recruitment company, Pelle Recruitment

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Pelle Recruitment is a specialist recruiter in the architecture, design, and consultancy project management industries and the latest business to partner with Recruitment Entrepreneur’s REflex offering. REflex is a support platform specifically tailored to recruitment businesses. It offers founders best-in-class infrastructure, back-office support, recruitment tools, and strategic advice and mentoring from a leadership team with over 100 years’ industry experience.

Pelle Recruitment was founded by Andrew Watkins in May of this year. Andrew’s interest in the built environment was sparked early in his career, working in timber manufacturing and as a site labourer before finding a passion for the world of Architecture & Design recruitment. He’s worked at a number of specialist recruitment companies, both in the UK and Australia, at a senior level, recruiting for roles ranging from entry level graduates all the way up to director level placements. Now with Pelle Recruitment, he hopes to build a brand with a national presence and a deep understanding of its clients and candidates needs, ultimately making meaningful connections and helping develop architectural and design companies and careers.

 On why he decided to set up his own business, Andrew commented, “I’d been thinking about starting my own business for a while. I went to a job interview at another company, and they asked me to put together a business plan for them. It just reinforced in my mind that if I can do that for someone else, why not do it for myself?

“I’ve spent the last seven years establishing my network within the Architecture & Design space and I’m excited to deepen these relationships under my own brand, Pelle Recruitment. I love recruiting within this industry because you’re not just looking at CVs, but portfolios of work. Buildings and urban design are a huge part of our daily lives and I really enjoy talking to creative people about the projects they’ve worked on and how they’ve delivered them.”

Andrew ran Pelle Recruitment on his own for several months before deciding to partner with Recruitment Entrepreneur under REflex. Andrew said of the partnership, “It just made sense. I’d already implemented a lot of the tools that Recruitment Entrepreneur use, for example JobAdder as a CRM, so the onboarding was easy. I wanted to become a REflex partner because it takes the stress away from the back end – the financial administration, marketing and so on. Being part of a group also provides an immediate network to tap into; there’s opportunity for inter-group collaboration on roles and clients which is hugely beneficial when starting out.”

Abid Hamid, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur, added, “Pelle Recruitment is another fantastic addition to our rapidly growing REflex group. Andrew has carved out a niche within the architecture, design, and consultancy project management industries, building strong networks rooted in trust and first-class results. As one of our joint ventures operates in the same space as Pelle Recruitment, we have first-hand experience and existing relationships within the industry, which Andrew can leverage as he builds his brand. I look forward to working with him and watching Pelle Recruitment grow into a market-leading recruitment specialist.”