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How to attract Gen-Z

In a recent article, we went into the depths of discussing the topic; The rise of Gen Z.  

With Gen Z growing up being hugely connected online this has meant they have brought unique values, preferences, and expectations to the workplace. To effectively attract and engage this generation of digital natives, companies need to adopt innovative strategies that align with their aspirations and priorities.  

Here are some key strategies for attracting Gen Z employees to your company:

1. Emphasise purpose: Gen Z often prefer roles that make an impact beyond company walls; they want to work for companies with a clear mission and a commitment to making a positive impact on society. 

Research from Deloitte found that Gen-Zers are the only generation who value purpose over pay, therefore it is important to highlight this in your job adverts, and job description and is communicated to all potential talent. 

2. Offer growth opportunities: This generation values continuous learning and career advancement. To attract and retain employees, companies must provide opportunities for skill development, mentorship, and advancement within the company.

Implement training programs, mentorship initiatives, and clear career paths that empower Gen Z employees to grow both personally and professionally.

3. Promote flexible working & encourage feedback: Work-life balance is essential for Gen Z. Offer flexible work arrangements, including remote work options, flexible hours, and the ability to work from anywhere allowing employees to balance their personal and professional lives effectively.

Gen Z appreciates regular feedback and acknowledgments for their contributions to the workplace therefore encouraging this culture allows for achievements to be celebrated more openly. This allows employees to grow and develop their skills whilst feeling appreciated along the way. 

4. Embrace technology: Gen Z is the first generation of digital natives, comfortable with technology and innovation, and has no recollection of the non-internet era. 

Therefore, businesses must leverage up-to-date technology to streamline recruitment processes. Companies should use modern tools and platforms for work and embrace innovative solutions that improve collaboration and enhance productivity.

5. Promote diversity and inclusion: According to a report from the World Economic Forum, 56% of Gen Z-ers say they would not accept a job without diverse leadership and 68% say their employer is not doing enough to build a more diverse workplace.   

Therefore, companies must make it clear they are committed to diversity and inclusion and that the experiences and views of all employees are valued by all levels of the hierarchy.  

6. Focus on well-being: An American Psychological Association reported that Gen-Z is more likely to report mental health concerns than any other demographic. To stay relevant and attract new and top talent, businesses must create a culture that prioritises employee well-being and encourages open communication about mental health and wellness.

7. Social media engagement: With 98% of the Gen Z population on social media, companies need to ensure their content on utilized on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok and showcases company culture, values, and job opportunities. 

Engage with Gen Z candidates through social media by sharing relevant content, responding to inquiries, and building relationships online.

8. Competitive benefits package: A competitive salary only gets you so far in today’s world. A competitive benefits package could include private health insurance, a good pension, wellness programs, corporate discounts, and paid courses.