Gen Z focused recruitment firm, Pursuit launches in partnership with serial investor and entrepreneur James Caan CBE

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Gen Z focused recruitment firm, Pursuit launches in partnership with serial investor and entrepreneur James Caan CBE

Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE), backed by James Caan CBE are thrilled to announce their exciting new partnership with Thomas Keighley, founder and CEO of Pursuit. Tom has 10 years of experience working within a sales environment and 7 years of experience working within leadership roles at SMT, SLT and board level. His knowledge and experience have seen him build teams and exceed targets across many sectors including B2B, SaaS, Recruitment, HR tech, cloud technology, apprenticeships and learning and development solutions.

Due to Tom’s success and growing appetite, he saw his next step as becoming a leader of his own company, he said “I live and breathe the industry and have worked in every sales role from a Sales Development Representative to Sales Director and wanted to use my experience and knowledge to create something special”.

Tom grew up in the North of England and has worked in various large cities across the UK, he strives to continue to expand companies across the North with a focus of Pursuit becoming the powerhouse company outside of London. On why he decided to partner with RE, “I saw RE’s experience of launching, scaling and exiting businesses as a huge advantage for Pursuit, as well as having the teams support including Abid Hamid and James Caan by my side”.  

Abid Hamid, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur reflects on partnering with Pursuit “We’re really looking forward to seeing how Tom’s vision of attracting talent within the gen z market develops alongside supporting his journey within the portfolio”. ­

Pursuit was established in early 2022 and aims to become the leading specialist sales recruiter in the market. Tom believes Pursuit differentiates itself from its competitors based on 2 main factors:

  1. Pursuit is data driven and uses its own science led assessments and cultural profiling to deliver ‘Pursuit Prodigy’ to ca­­­ndidates. They aim to become the most data led sales recruiter in the market who delivers accurate predictions on job performance leading to better retention for their clients in a talent short market.
  2. They are on a mission to shake up the outdated candidate attraction processes that are typically associated with sales recruitment with social media attraction being at the forefront of their methodology.

Pursuit is shying away from the more traditional methods of recruitment marketing and will be using a new candidate attraction approach by tapping into a new pool of passive candidates through social media. The main objective of this strategy will be to solve the shortage of applications and increase the number of quality applications.

Pursuit aims to have a headcount of 20 in the next 3 years and is already recruiting for a Digital Marketing Manager to support the team. If you are or know someone who is a talented creative strategist, content creator and gen z expert please email to find out more.

About Pursuit

Pursuit believes in 4 basic values: ‘we are change makers, we believe in social mobility, we are results driven and we are honest but kind’. Pursuit believes these values are at the forefront of their mission which is to transform the way people think about sales by making sales the number one career choice for the aspirational.


To find out more please visit or call Tom Keighley on 07810 442282.


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