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Claudia joined Recruitment Entrepreneur as a marketing intern for her master’s degree at Kingston University in September 2019. She came to London from the USA a year ago to continue her studies. As an intern she will learn the aspects of digital marketing including content production, website development, branding and social media. Here we get to know a bit more about who Claudia is and her perspective of the first month as an intern at Recruitment Entrepreneur.

What did you do prior to this placement?

I have a bachelor’s in visual communications and am finishing my master’s degree studying management in the creative economy. Before my move to England, I was a freelance photographer as well as a senior photographer manager at a retail studio.

With your background in photography, what made you interested in joining the marketing team at Recruitment Entrepreneur as your placement?

I’ve know that photography and business goes hand in hand. So, I wanted to experience an opportunity where I can learn and partake in the start-up process. I particularly was interested in learning more about digital marketing strategies. Working for a recruitment company, especially one that supports other portfolios, is an amazing chance that I could be challenged and relied on.

What was your first day like?

No idea if anyone noticed, but on my first day it was torrential rain and I was soaked to the bone from the splashing of cars. Still I had the biggest smile across my face. I was lucky to be there. Everyone was welcoming and I felt I would be working with so many experts.

I will admit when I arrived, I was also nervous. This was new territory. I was facing the challenge to change my mindset as a photographer to a marketer.

What was your first day like? What is something about you that would surprise someone?

I am a huge foodie. My dream is to become a food photographer one day. I’ve even been published in a magazine. What would surprise someone is the reason I am a foodie is because I want to share the knowledge of ease of food. I am curious about the innovation of creating a meal especially what happens behind the scenes. My creativity and my interest in food has been brought together by food challenges. My mom ran a food pantry in my hometown and challenged me to feed myself on only $15 or 11 a week for two months and I did pretty well with delicious meals.  

Do you have a signature dish?

I cook at home a lot and I know most of my friends would say that it is eggs benedict or a French silk pie, but my favourite thing to make is pasta from scratch. I’ve made it since I was a little girl.

Do you have a favourite book that you return to?

I love detective series, especially author Robert Crais. Right now, I am rereading a book called Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley. It is a reread for me because it was required by my University, but it’s fun to learn about your own creative confidence.

What quality do you admire about people?

Friendliness. When someone is open to a conversation or makes even a small gesture to be friendly, it really goes a long way for me.

What do you enjoy as a hobby?

I love being outside. Most of my hobbies are usually are outside such as gardening or skiing. If I get a weekend that has nice weather I love to go for a hike for the entire day, even maybe to get lost. Very relaxing.

What kind of goals do you have for the year?

Having only been here a couple of weeks, I’ve already learned so much. I’m thankful to have a notebook because I love jotting down goals. I would like to comfortable working on all website so that I can to support any business. Another goal would be to master the art of social media and make it second nature. I’m a millennial, but I ‘m a bit old fashion and usually separate myself from my phone. I would also like to influence visitor traffic to the websites as well as observing the analytics.

Do you have any talent?

I can read sheet music and can probably still play a few tunes on the piano, not well though.


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