We can help start, develop and scale your recruitment business


Recruitment Entrepreneur International is a private equity firm with 30+ recruitment companies in its portfolio, covering numerous recruitment sectors, at various stages of growth.

Founded by international businessman, James Caan CBE, our offering provides talented individuals with funding, best in class operational infrastructure, coaching and management advice to ensure the implementation of best practice processes to run their business efficiently, and successfully. Our success lies in their ability to help grow, scale, and materially increase profit, not only with knowledge, but with hands on know-how to ensure portfolio partners are capable of achieving a high equity value on exit.

Recruitment Entrepreneur International

We create real equity value for founders and their recruitment businesses

We are a global private equity investor that works alongside experienced recruitment business entrepreneurs to help them successfully start, scale and exit their own recruitment business. Our overall objective is to support every 'Founder' in creating more value, improve existing processes and develop a strategic plan toward a profitable exit.

Boasting a diverse network of industry leaders and experts across the world, many who have built and scaled their own businesses, Recruitment Entrepreneur International offers every Founder a comprehensive offering of mentorship, support and resources cover all areas of your business:

☑ Overall diagnostic review and strategy of your planned or existing recruitment business

☑ Support on talent attraction

☑ Learning & development program for every member of your team

☑ Coaching and mentoring for you as a CEO

☑ Support on brand development and marketing

☑ Advice on customer acquisition strategies

☑ Guidance on finance and reporting

☑ Support on building your back office functions and operations

☑ HR & Legal support & resources

Our aim, through our ever-growing international network, is to provide every Founder the support and resources needed to develop a recruitment business with real value at every stage of their journey.

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