Start Your Own Recruitment Business with REflex

Expert support and guidance to help you build a successful lifestyle business

How is REflex different from an investment?

REflex is a flexible, tailored partnership model, which empowers ambitious, talented recruiters who want to be their own boss to set up and run successful lifestyles businesses. A service-based model, entrepreneurs have access to our mentoring, back-office support, infrastructure and more, without entering into an investment deal and giving equity. 

 The end goal for a REflex director is to build a profitable and well-respected lifestyle recruitment business. 

What do I get as part of REflex?

REflex provides all the support needed to transition from being a high-billing recruiter to launching and running one's own recruitment business. This may include creating a brand, developing a website, accounting and credit control, setting up IT and CRM systems, or creating an ongoing social media marketing plan.

Our senior management team boasts over 100 years' industry experience, positioning us as expert mentors and advisors. As part of REflex, directors can also benefit from monthly management meetings to help them develop broader areas such as client strategy, business development, or talent attraction. 


How to Start A Recruiting Business From Home

Setting up your new recruiting business from home can be a challenge, but it's incredibly rewarding. When you're seeking advice, knowledge, and next steps in becoming your own boss and managing your own successful venture, you need the advice and investment from our recruitment mentors.

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Webinar: Navigating Payroll & Funding Solutions for Your Recruitment Business

A smooth running finance function is critical for any business. Credit control, invoice collection and payroll are just some of the things you need to manage.

Watch our webinar, with guest speaker Yves Bizimana, MD of Workr Group and Easypay, to learn about the different market options out there to help you run your business. 

Apply to be part of REflex

REflex provides the support you need, when you need it, so you can focus on what you're good at - clients, candidates and billing. Take control of your career and start living the life you want.

Once we receive your application, we'll be in touch to discuss your market, experience and business vision in more detail. 



No - with REflex, you own 100% of your business and you decide the path of success you want to take.

If you want to grow your business, attract talent, and branch out into other regions or sectors, we would look at transitioning your business into a full joint venture with us.

There is zero upfront cost. Essentially it is completely free to set up with this full infrastructure and support, along with accessing the management support. It is paid for only when you bill and paid by the end client.

Outside of the free Job Slot on LinkedIn Recruiter that comes as part of the package, you can access as many job boards as you wish. These would need to be paid for by your business directly, although for some job boards we are able to attain cheaper rates.

Minimising data input and administrative activities was a priority for us when choosing our support tools. If you use our CRM and website, you can: post jobs on your website directly from your CRM; voice note to record candidate interview details instead of typing them up; automatically feed any bookings on your CRM through to an invoice and set up a credit control process managed by our finance support. These are just some of the efficiency gains which give you back more time to work with clients and candidates and keep on billing. 

You name it, we've seen it. You can access management support on anything affecting your business, whether client strategy, legal issues, marketing, or talent attraction strategy. There is not an area of recruitment business support that we can't advise or directly support you with. We're here to help you overcome any challenges of running a recruitment business.