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About our investment

What's the vision for portfolio partners?

CEO, Abid Hamid on Recruitment Entrepreneur's vision for their portfolio partner businesses.

Why partner with Recruitment Entrepreneur?

Chairman, James Caan CBE talks about how Recruitment Entrepreneur facilitates business leaders to focus on what they're good at to succeed.

What support is in place for portfolio partners?

Abid Hamid, Group CEO, Greg Hollis, Group COO, and Angus McDowell, share their views on Recruitment Entrepreneur's offering to portfolio partner businesses, how finance adds value, and the most surprising aspect of our support.

What technology is in place for portfolio partners?

Greg Hollis, Group COO talk about the importance of having the right technology in place for Recruitment Entrepreneur business partners.

What reservations do most founders have?

Angus McDowell, Group CFO talks through the initial reservations of portfolio partners and what Recruitment Entrepreneur provides from finance as part of the management fee.

What marketing support do portfolio partners receive?

Sam Proctor, Group Marketing Director on the different marketing services and solutions Recruitment Entrepreneur provides.

The unique benefits of becoming a portfolio partner?

James Caan CBE outlines the benefits of being part of the Recruitment Entrepreneur group.

How do operations support portfolio partners?

Daisy Betteridge, Operations Director advises on the operational support provided to portfolio partners, and what excites her about the future of Recruitment Entrepreneur.

What are the benefits of working within a wider group portfolio?

Mo Bakshi, Recruitment Consultant at Beeken Reeves, and Katie Smith, Senior Business Support Executive at Hanami International, discuss the advantages collaborating with teams to grow as a recruiter and for a start-up to have the support from all aspects of the business.

What's the vision for Recruitment Entrepreneur?

CEO, Abid Hamid, and James Caan CBE, talk about their vision for Recruitment Entrepreneur.

Why did Group8 choose to partner with Recruitment Entrepreneur?

Miranda Hilton, Chief Executive Officer of Group8, talks about the advantages of working with the support of Recruitment Entrepreneur.

How do we support different sized businesses?

Abid Hamid, Group CEO explains the different levels of support Recruitment Entrepreneur offers to businesses as they go through different stages of growth.

What happens when portfolio partners don't perform?

Greg Hollis, Group COO, James Caan CBE, Angus McDowell, Group CFO, and Abid Hamid, Group CEO talks about the support in place to recover business performance.

How can we guarantee success?

Abid Hamid, Group CEO and Greg Hollis, Group COO talk about how Recruitment Entrepreneur scales businesses to a realisation event.

How does the budget process work?

Angus McDowell, Group CFO explains how Recruitment Entrepreneur's finance team assists with the budget process.