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Recruitment Entrepreneur, a distinguished firm in recruitment industry investment on a global scale, is delighted to declare a significant strategic partnership with its newest portfolio venture, Pi Talent. Operating as a versatile recruitment firm across diverse business sectors, Pi Talent specialises in the meticulous identification and selection of top-tier tech, creative, and business professionals across Europe, the United States, and Latin America. 

Pi Talent, under the leadership of the esteemed recruitment industry expert Marisa Colantuono, is a female-owned and operated firm that has garnered recognition as a specialist in various markets. Through this strategic partnership, Pi Talent endeavors to strengthen its foothold in the region, seize the compelling opportunities presented by technological advancements in the sector, and extend its influence across Western Europe. This collaboration marks a pivotal step for Pi Talent in its quest for continued growth and excellence. 

James Caan CBE, widely recognized for his role on the acclaimed television series Dragons' Den UK and as the founder and Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, is bringing his wealth of experience, global influence, and a team of versatile business support experts to this strategic collaboration. His distinguished track record includes the successful cultivation and expansion of promising recruitment ventures on a global scale. 

In expressing his enthusiasm about this collaboration, James shared, "I am thrilled to join forces with Pi Talent and Marisa. Their unwavering dedication and achievements across various recruitment sectors perfectly align with RE's mission to empower recruitment entrepreneurs globally. Marisa is a seasoned and dynamic professional in the recruitment domain, possessing a clear and ambitious vision. I eagerly anticipate witnessing the evolution of Pi Talent under her leadership." 

Pablo Sanchez, Country Manager of RE Spain, expressed, "Collaborating with Marisa to bring her vision of an exceptional and versatile recruitment firm to fruition has been a privilege. Together, our focus remains on propelling growth and excellence across various global markets." 

Kiko Rial, CEO of RE’s Partner for Spain, beonit, emphasised, "Together, with the support of our success team in beonit in addition to the guidance from mentors and experts within the RE global network, our focus is to support Marisa and Pi Talent’s exciting expansion plans. We will provide added value to Pi Talent, not only by supporting it with our success team, but by leveraging our current and future clients as well as our methodologies and technologies on talent attraction and talent developing. The dedication to empowering businesses and individuals through innovative recruitment strategies is at the heart of our partnership." 

Founder of Pi Talent, Marisa Colantuono, conveyed her enthusiasm with the partnership, stating, "The collaboration with Recruitment Entrepreneur marks a pivotal milestone for our company. We are eager to harness the extensive resources and expertise of James and the RE team to deliver exceptional service to our clients and candidates, all while championing our core beliefs. Our steadfast commitment to excellence, profound industry insights, and technologically savvy processes empower us to connect your innovative company with outstanding, game-changing talent."

This strategic partnership represents a harmonious collaboration between Recruitment Entrepreneur and Pi Talent, combining the respective strengths and expertise of both entities. The objective is to harness the substantial opportunities inherent in the thriving recruitment markets of these regions. This alliance is poised to propel both organizations to new heights, reinforcing their commitment to excellence in sourcing and placing exceptional talent.  


For media inquiries or further information, please contact: 

For Recruitment Entrepreneur (Spain) 

Pablo Sanchez, Regional Manager for Spain 

Email: p.sanchez@recruitmentvc-int.com  

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/pablosnzmtz/  

Contact Number: +34 659 82 93 57 


For Pi Talent 

Marisa Colantuono – Founder & CEO 

Email:  mcolantuono@pi-talent.com  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marisa-colantuono-aicardi-b479117/  

Contact Number: +34610380183  


About Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE): 

Recruitment Entrepreneur is a global leader in the recruitment industry, founded by James Caan CBE. RE empowers recruitment entrepreneurs by providing funding, support, and expertise to help them build successful businesses. With a track record of success in nurturing recruitment start-ups, RE is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the industry. 


About Pi Talent: 

Pi Talent is a dynamic team of experts specializing in the meticulous search and selection of top-tier tech, creative, and business talent across Europe, the United States, and Latin America.