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If you’re reading this then most likely you have enjoyed a successful sales career before assuming management responsibilities to grow, manage and develop junior sales people. Now, I want you to cast your mind back to your very first sales call or meeting. Knowing what you do now, how would you rate yourself? I think that most of us would look back with a chuckle and think “Why did they even buy off me?!” or “I totally see why they didn’t buy from me!”.

The training & development of people at Venatrix is now the main concern of the senior management team, every week. We practice what we preach and employ people straight out of university or in their first business to business sales job. We use a blend of more formal sessions, external courses and on-the-job training to ensure we meet the needs of the individuals and encourage an environment conducive to make people to try and be a better sales person week on week. Here are 3 the major benefits that we have found in the last 6 months.

1 – SHORTER TIME TO FIRST DEAL- A carefully planned and timed induction/initial training program gives junior sales people the skills they need to interact with senior decision makers more quickly than having them learn simply via osmosis. The “two ears, one mouth” ratio is quite often confused for the often naturally gregarious junior sales person. Understanding from a granular level the value proposition on offer and how to ask questions to build credibility in a class room environment has reduced time to first deal by half.

2- INCREASED OUTPUT PER HEAD- If you are running a profit centre, you will understand the importance of maximising the value out of every person in your team. How far are you going to make sure you have given them the best chance of success? The more successful they are the more successful your business becomes by proxy. The focus we have placed on training has doubled our output per head over a 6 month period.

3- ATTRACTING HAPPIER STAFF THAT WANT TO STAY LONGER IN THE BUSINESS- Training can feel time consuming – especially when you have motivated sales people who want to be interacting with prospects. We have found the sooner you make training a core part of your timetable, the sooner the importance of development and progression becomes cemented in the junior sales person’s mind. Losing people because they don’t feel supported costs you money on the bottom line and morale on the sales floor. With UK unemployment at a record low of 4.9%, it is important in the recruitment and on boarding process to show new joiners that you, as a business, are serious about investing in your people.

Written by Elaine Tyler, CEO at Venatrix