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Early on in your career as a recruiter you learn resilience and in the temp recruitment sector, this trait needs to be nurtured, honed and amplified as, although we love our careers, some days holding onto hope can be just plain difficult. At StaffCo we consider ourselves to be the home of forward thinking driving recruitment, it’s always interesting and can take a lot of energy. Sometimes we work around the clock getting the correct candidate for the client and literally helping them keep their show “on the road”.

We naturally want to trust all of our candidates and seek to be open and honest recruiters that candidates can bounce their energy off and have a bit of banter with. Don’t get me wrong, the banter remains, but sometimes the trust just falls off the edge of the cliff.

After listening to the 24/7 on call phones ringing throughout the night and hearing some amazing excuses from drivers for not turning up to work, it is hard to know whether to laugh or cry (and sometimes doing both helps).

• “I forgot to wake up”
• “I’m too hungry today, I can’t finish my shift”
• “My car has broken down”. This particular gem came from three separate drivers for the same client, breaking down on the same road and on the same day – a bank holiday!
• “I’ve been rushed to hospital” – when asked which hospital the candidate was at so that we could send some flowers, the candidate hung up never to answer the phone again
• “My gran has died” …for the fourth time this year!
• “My goldfish has died”
• “I’ve got to go and sign on” but… you have a job!

Even with our finely tuned skills, it can be exhausting finding and placing the occasional uncooperative driver into work, even if it is in their best interests. You really need to have super-charged resilience genes in this game, otherwise it could chew you up and turn you into a ruthless sceptic. But we like to stay focused on the end game: getting those drivers into their trucks! On the flipside, the great thing about our sector is the fast-paced, ever-changing temp world that creates a buzz like no other. The eclectic mix of people that we speak to and the fast-paced environment is one we absolutely thrive on and our ability to respond to our clients ever-changing demands at lightning speed is something that never loses its thrill. The recruiters here at StaffCo are a very “special breed” indeed.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
― Winston S. Churchill”


This weeks blog post has been kindly written by StaffCo Direct