Recruitment Entrepreneur | 5 Reasons You’re Getting Poor Results on Social Media

Social media has become one of those things that businesses talk about doing, but the reality of how well they actually do it is very different. In the game of social media, recruitment still lags behind and while you or your agency may have social media accounts, you might not always be getting the most of out it. Below are 5 common mistakes where you might just be going wrong:

1: No Personality

The best salespeople are those who naturally make others warm to them, who can build rapport and who easily prompt their prospects to open up to them. They instinctively know that the harder you try to sell, the less you end up selling. Social media is no different. Add value, build rapport and they’ll come to you.

2: Poor Targeting and Unclear Objectives

You need to think about what your audience wants. Your goal for being on social media needs to be clear. What action do you want to drive?

  • Potential new clients
  • Existing clients talking about hiring needs
  • Invitations for events and speaking opportunities
  • Candidates attraction

3: No Focus Your Conversion Rates

Think of your social media profiles as landing pages on a website. How effectively do they convert initial candidate / client interest and how effectively do they then drive candidates / clients to take the desired course of action?

Social media needs to become a lead machine for your recruiting business.

If we can get 100 candidates from your industry to look at one of your social media profiles, what % of them will feel compelled to follow you? If your bio is all about your company (rather than why candidates should follow you) and your updates are mostly job adverts rather than content that candidates will find informative, your conversion rate is going to be atrocious..

4: An “If We Build It They’ll Come!” Mentality

You can have the very best social media profiles for candidates or clients in your sector but it’s not enough.

On each social site you have to actively take steps to ensure that more and more of your target audience are drawn to having a look at your profiles. What’s more, you have to make these activities part of your routine – so that each and every week you are producing a flow of new leads to your profiles.

5: Forgetting that you’re on Social Media to Spark Conversations

Always remember you’re on social media to spark conversations, not force people into becoming a customer. When you engage with your audience, converse with them and listen to them, you end up with an audience at your fingertips that will take actions on your behalf.

The temptation to just send promotional messages, rather than put in the hard graft required for one-on-one interactions is often too great.

I’ve worked on hundreds of social media accounts for recruiting businesses across the world, and I can guarantee that one of the above is a major contributor to poor results. Of course social media takes work and effort, and it won’t happen overnight, but once you start to redress these shortcomings, it’s only a matter of time before you start to see your audience grow and transform into an audience of marketers for you and your brand.

Good luck – and if you’ve any experiences of your own that you’d like to share – or would like me to comment on –feel free to get in touch.


Tony Restell is the Founder of and helps candidates and recruiters leverage social media. You can find Tony on Twitter ; or join him on one of his forthcoming webinars where he’ll walk you step by step through the processes he uses to get results for recruiting clients on social media.