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Are you...

  • A top performer in the recruitment industry
  • A market specialist who knows your sector inside out
  • Currently working for someone else but feel ready to take the risk to go it alone
  • Looking to build something great, rather than a small, lifestyle business

So that’s you, who are we?

How we support

New Entrepreneurs

We invest both our money and our time in people we believe can become great leaders and entrepreneurs. We are here to enable them to build better recruitment companies than anyone else.


Whatever your aspirations for your business, we work with you to ensure you have the right amount of funding available to achieve them. From hiring great people, to building a contractor desk, to opening new locations or markets – we invest so entrepreneurs can start the business they dream of building and achieve growth much faster.

Whenever we decide to make an investment, James and the investment team each personally put money in alongside yours.

Start-Up Hubs

Hiring for a start-up recruitment company can be tough. And this is made even harder if you are based in your spare room, or a quiet serviced office.

We have invested in centrally located offices called HUBS across the UK so our Entrepreneurs can base themselves in an energetic, creative, supportive environment while they are in growth mode. Even once companies have grown and taken their own space, they can still use the HUBS for important meetings, when they need a creative work space, or to hold client events.


Part of the difficulty with setting up a new business, is that it’s no longer just about being great at recruitment. Suddenly you are also a lawyer, accountant, payroll assistant, HR manager, IT guy, head of hiring (and firing), trainer, manager, handyman…. The list is endless. RE give you access to our best in class shared services function, systems and IT support, so you can focus on growth not on admin.


Growing a successful business is never just about the money - otherwise anyone could do it. Starting a business can be lonely and frustrating, and no one is an expert in everything. We have assembled a team of experts in each areas of recruitment - from strategy, to financial planning, to leadership, to talent attraction and training. Our investment comes with the added benefit of full access to all our experts for advice, mentoring, or just to bounce ideas off whenever you want.

Talent Attraction

There are over 18,000 UK recruitment businesses of which 75% have less than 10 people. So supporting you with talent attraction is key for us. We have a headhunting function committed to finding talent for your business, and host regular events to introduce you to potential hires in a relaxed setting.

We also have dedicated programmes to give you access to some of the best graduates and experienced hires in the market through the James Caan Talent Academy and the Entrepreneur Programme.

Shareholder Value

James and the team have significant experience in helping businesses achieve substantial equity value. Building a company you love and can be proud of is the most important thing today, but we also help entrepreneurs ensure they are creating future shareholder value in their business. That way you get the biggest possible reward for your hard work when the time is right.


Dream Team

Yes, we’re recruitment experts and business experts, but more importantly we are entrepreneurs too. People who invest in people. We personally invest into each company we partner with. So for us, this isn’t just about helping build successful businesses (though obviously that’s the point), it’s also a partnership and shared journey and it’s important to have fun along the way. We love coming to work and so the people we are investing in are the most important part.


Shaune Hulse

Financial Controller

Shaune started working in recruitment in 2001, and has 6 year experience as Financial Controller running finance teams in the UK as well as internationally. On two occasions, he was hired into start-ups to setup the finance processes and teams in rapid growth environments, both companies growing from 0 – 100 headcount in their first year.

After a spell in professional services & media he returns to the recruitment sector with RE.

Shaune’s main focus is the day to day running of the finance department and ensuring accurate and timely reporting across the portfolio, as well as assisting new companies setup their accounts function and systems when joining the RE portfolio.

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