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The James Caan Entrepreneur Programme

The James Caan Entrepreneur Programme is for high performing recruiters with more than a years’ experience, an impressive billing track record and the courage to do something a little different.

It’s a bespoke programme that provides everything you need not only to be successful, but to define what success means to you.

…careers were about joining huge corporations, climbing the same ladders as hundreds of others, and if you were really lucky, getting noticed.

But we don’t think that’s right!

Which is why the Entrepreneur Programme is designed to fit you and your unique skills.

It’s an opportunity to work within the fastest growing portfolio of recruitment startups backed by James Caan and his entrepreneur programme. You will get direct access to the CEO and Founders of your business for training and development, while receiving learning opportunities and seminars bespoke to your career from the central investment team

Being entrepreneurial takes many forms, but at its heart, it’s about being the boss of your own career. This is what the entrepreneur programme is about.

Whether that’s managing teams, smashing leader-boards or even pitching for your own investment, we give you the tools to achieve success.