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There’s 11 different people in this picture, with 11 different stories. The one thing they have in common; they all wanted to start a business, and so they did.

Is it time you became a founder?

If you think like a founder, not like an employee. If you have your own style, your own way of doing things. If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. If you believe you can do it better. If you want to build something. If you want your name on the door. Get in touch.

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Just send me an email. Love from, assumptive jobseeker.
Me: "Good morning, great to be in touch, I have come across your CV online and I am keen to discuss your job search, what is the situation at the moment?" Assumptive Jobseeker: "I'm looking for a job - yes, what jobs have you got? Can you just email me the job specs?'" I hate this question. As a recruitment consultant in the property manageme...
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February 23, 2017